Owned and Operated by Ms. Eboni
I strive to provide a warm and friendly environment for your child to
feel safe and secure and also to have fun and grow!!

I completed my Early Childhood Development education from Loyola
University in 1992, and continued training within my community at Pill
Hill Development Center.

After moving into our house o
ver 15 years ago I decided I finally had the
proper space to run a home daycare which is something I have always
wanted to do.  I am a proud mother to a 1
4 year old son and have always
considered him my greatest achievement.  He is a thriving 9
th grader at
rban Prep Academy Englewood Campus.  His activities include
basketball, band, and gospel choir.

My Philosophy on Childcare:

Today, a child’s family may take on many forms, all of which are
important to the child’s growth and development.
It is important for children to feel they are a welcome part of not only
their own family unit, but also of their “extended families” – friends,
school, church, etc…  I believe that childcare is a very important
extension of you and your child’s family.
I will do my best to ensure the wellbeing, comfort & happiness of each
child in my care at all times while presenting them with every
opportunity to learn & discover the world around them.
Best of Two Worlds – Learning activities with Preschool setting and home-like environment.