Best of Two Worlds – Learning activities with Preschool setting and home-like environment.
Early Preschool (2 years)The long-term goal of our Early Preschool
Program is to prepare your child as he begins the journey that will
eventually lead him into kindergarten and beyond as a successful
lifelong learner.  Each day, your early preschoolers will engage in
various hands-on activities. He'll explore, inquire and discover
solutions working by himself, with a friend or in small groups.

Discovery and Growth Curriculum:

Morning Circle Time - Here, the class joins together to discuss
a daily topic and the day's exciting activities. Your child will
learn many math and language skills during Morning Circle Time,
but equally as important children will start to participate in a
longer group activity and feel comfortable speaking up in front
of peers and teachers.

Reading Circle Time - Encourages pre-reading skills, letter
recognition, and creates excitement about reading.  

Creativity & Art - including painting supplies, crayons, markers,