Best of Two Worlds – Learning activities with Preschool setting and home-like environment.
Preschool (3-5 years)Preschoolers work at developing attention
span, socialization, attention to directions, colors, shapes, structured
play, listening skills, communication, self expression, numbers and


Creativity & Art - including painting supplies, pencils, crayons,
markers, easels.  

Math - including a small calendar, weather and number charts;
puzzles, games and flash cards.

Dramatic Play - including dramatic play furniture (materials
should rotate depending upon the theme and the children's own
ideas and interests), dishes, utensils, place mats, pots, pans,
food sets, telephones, computer keyboards.  

Construction & Design - including a complete set of unit blocks;
area rug; large and small vehicles.  

Reading & Listening - including children's literature, an
audiocassette or CD player, stories recorded on tape and/or
other tape-recorded songs; stories and poems; a soft elements
such as rugs, pillows; and a bookshelf.